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 Uploading Using Theater Mode

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PostSubject: Uploading Using Theater Mode   2010-11-13, 09:27

Ok so im going to show you how to upload using theater mode from Call of Duty Blackops

So first of all go to Theater Mode >> My Recent Games >> Select the Game you want >> Click X >> Select Playback >> Automatically the
Game downloads >> Start the Film >> Go to the part you want to start Recording >> Click SQUARE to star the record >> SQUARE to stop recording when your ready >> Once your done Render the clip >>

Once you have completed all of the above go to Call of Duty Theater Mode

Make an Account >> Once you have registered log in or Verify the Account >> Once you have logged in Should come up with the 3 different platforms (Xbox, PS3 or PC) Click PS3

For me the video i uploaded was already there, so it should be the same, once you have uploaded the video, watch it on the call of duty website click on the "YOUTUBE" icon inside the video, clicking that takes you to the call of duty youtube channel.

Once you have gone to the Call of Duty Youtube channel, Download this Here

After installing this copy the Youtube link to your video into the link box

After the link is there set where you want the Video to be placed

Once you have set these to your liking click on Download

Once you have clicked download this should come up, just click "SAVE" and the download will be begin

after it finishes downloading go to the folder where you chose to save it and it should be there

now that you have downloaded them you have the power to upload them to your own Youtube Channel and get your name out to the public

If you have any problems Message me, ill try my best to help, remember screen shots will help me to help you.

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Uploading Using Theater Mode
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