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PostSubject: FIRST STRIKE   2010-12-21, 11:41

The first downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops has been announced, detailed and dated!

Are you ready for some new content to spice up your game time? Then your wish may be coming sooner rather than later.

Those wanting more than just maps may be slightly disappointed, however. Unless Treyarch has some extra content in store for us, such as more emblem images to choose from, it looks as if this DLC will be sticking to the usual routine of just maps.

In an interview on Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson's podcast, Treyarch's Online Director Dan Bunting announces and details the first map pack. We've got all the information that you need below but you can also listen to the podcast yourself here ».

The 'First Strike' pack will arrive first on Xbox LIVE on Tuesday 1st February 2011. That's just 3 months after the game was released in November! Although no date is yet announced for other platforms, it's likely that it will arrive about a month after it's released on Xbox 360.

Similar to World at War's DLC, there won't just be multiplayer maps included but also a Zombie map! The pack will offer 4 multiplayer maps and one Zombie map, all for 1200 Microsoft Points. The names and descriptions of each map can be read below.

•Berlin Wall (multiplayer) - This map is set in Berlin, Germany at 'Checkpoint Charlie', one of the best-known crossing points between East and West Berlin.
•Discovery (multiplayer) - This map takes place in an Antarctic German research station, abandoned since World War II.
•Kowloon (multiplayer) - Set in Kowloon City, Hong Kong - this map is inspired by the single player campaign mission 'Numbers' which sees CIA agent Hudson fighting his way across the rooftops. This maps battle will take place on the rainy rooftops of Kowloon City.
•Stadium (multiplayer) - Stadium is set in the Northeastern part of the United States, in a complexly designed Hockey Rink.
•Ascension (Zombies) - Details on this map are currently classified.

Apparently all of the maps will have some sort of interaction, like the doors on Radiation and the rocket on Launch. Bunting stated that Treyarch wanted to go 'bigger and better' with the DLC and revealed that the maps will have many elements of verticality so that gunfire can be sent down from above as well as across the map.

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PostSubject: Re: FIRST STRIKE   2010-12-21, 15:44

kool thanks for da heads up
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