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PostSubject: JEW-Klux-Klan   2011-04-07, 16:25

Name: Nathan
Location: Sydney
Age: 15

Black Ops Stats
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.28 or something
Win/Loss Ratio: Unsure, i'll check if you need me too.
Score: Unsure as well, not much but thats due to me really only playing private matches as public gives me the shits.
Time Played: 1 Day but I was deranked.
Other "Call of Duty"s played/owned: 4,5,6,7

Previous Clans: No 6A clans, on CG i'm in Envious who were Inter Finalist and are currently competing in the P2P competition.
Previous Leadership Roles: Co-Captain of Envious, Lead a clan a while back with your own El_Niino as well called Sector 9.
What do you offer [eVo]: Very active player with quite alot of experience on the competitive scene.
Why [eVo]: Im keen to start up on 6A and expand my horizons on the competitive scene.

Current PSN: JEW-Klux-Klan
Previous PSNs: N/A
Availability: Mondays and Thursdays I can be on but only after 8 and also is dependent on when im working. Saturdays are always a maybe as well. However CG matches, scrims, stratting etc must come before this, just too make it clear.

Other Information
Connection/Host: Host 18 perfect.
Headset: Turtle Beach PX21's
Any extra info: Heres a few videos of me and my team in action on CG, I know its not objective but my keen to learn the art of objective gaming as well. So who do I add to trial Smile


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PostSubject: Re: JEW-Klux-Klan   2011-04-07, 16:31

I already told him that we already accepted four members but I believe he has what it takes.
Nathan, its all up to the bosses from here Smile
Would be a great asset for SND, thats as much as I know, never seen him play Obj!
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PostSubject: Re: JEW-Klux-Klan   2011-04-07, 17:41

BOL mate but atm like riddo_z said im pretty sure where just trying to build up with the new members that we have recruited.

But yeah see what happens
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PostSubject: Re: JEW-Klux-Klan   

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